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Power Supply

II-VI Suwtech provides standard and customized drivers matching our laser family.

Part No. LD Driver Current Driver Current Limit Max. Driver Voltage TTL Modulation Dimensions
Direct Current (DC) Driver
LDC-1540XP 0~1300mA 50~1300mA 3.0V DC-10kHZ 40(H)*83(W)*136(L)mm
TLC-1000 0~750mA 50~750mA 3.0V DC-10kHZ 10(H)*32(W)*62(L)mm
OLD-M-1600-TPM-D1 0~1600mA 50~1600mA 3.0V DC-10kHZ 34(H)*120(W)*70(L)mm
Alternating Current (AC) Power Supply
LDD-800A 0~800mA 50~800mA 3.0V DC-10kHZ 42(H)*65(W)*100(L)mm
LDC-800A 0~800mA 50~800mA 3.0V DC-10kHZ 45(H)*100(W)*200(L)mm
Lab Version Power Supply
LDC-2500S 0~2300mA 50~2300mA 3.0V DC-10kHZ 72(H)*225(W)*200(L)mm


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