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LD Module

With advanced laser welding technology and optical design, we offer collimated laser Diode module and customized beam shaped laser diode module with excellent reliability, Wavelength options include 405nm, 445nm, 488nm, 635nm, 655nm, and other customized wavelength upon request. It’s an ideal laser source for instrumentations.

Part No.  Wavelength Output Power Power Stability Beam Divergence Beam Diameter Dimension
LD Module
LDM-R-638-0100-00 632,638,644nm 100~110mW <±1% <0.5mrad 1.0X2.2mm Φ10.5×15mm
LDM-0515-C-0003-00-99--A 515nm 3mW NA 0.6mrad 7-9mm@10m Φ6.3×10.4mm
LDM-0515-C-0003-00-99-00-B 515nm 3mW NA 0.6mrad 7-9mm@10m Φ6.0×9.6mm
LDM-0515-C-0003-00-99-001-B 515nm 3.3mW NA 0.6mrad 20-25mm@30.5m Φ6.0×14.2mm
LDM-0515-C-0004-00-99-001-A 515nm 3.3mW NA 0.6mrad 20-25mm@30.5m Φ7.4×16.8mm
LDM-0515-C-0005-00-99-002-A 515nm 4.4mW NA 0.5mrad 20-25mm@30.5m Φ6.0×15mm
LDM-0520-C-0010-56-99-006-A 520nm 0.6mW NA 0.3mrad N/A Φ6.3×12.7mm
LDM-0520-C-0003-00-99-004-A 520nm 3.0mW NA 0.6mrad N/A Φ6.3×9mm
LDM-0520-C-0005-56-99-006-A 520nm 4.0mW NA 0.3mrad N/A Φ6.3×12.7mm
LDM-0520-C-0003-00-99-016-A 520nm 4.0mW NA 0.5mrad N/A Φ6.3×9mm
LDM-0520-C-0005-38-99-000-A 520nm 4.0mW NA 0.5mrad N/A Φ5.0×9.0mm
LDM-0520-C-0005-56-99-000-A 520nm 4.0mW NA 0.5mrad N/A Φ7.5×10mm
LDM-0520-C-0005-00-99-005-B 520nm 4.0mW NA N/A 6-9mm@10m Φ6.3×19mm
LDM-0520-C-0025-00-99-004-A 520nm 25mW NA 0.3mrad N/A Φ6.3×12.7mm
LDM-0520-C-0035-00-99-016-A 520nm 35mW NA 0.5mrad N/A Φ6.3×9mm
LDM-0520-C-0030-00-99-007-A 520nm 30mW <±5% 1.2mrad N/A Φ6.3×9mm
LDM-0520-C-0035-00-99-000-A 520nm 35mW NA 0.5mrad NA Φ7.11×16.38mm
LDM-0520-C-0045-00-99-00-A 520nm 45mW NA 0.3mrad NA Φ7.1×24.0mm
LDM-0520-C-0050-56-99-006-A 520nm 50mW NA 0.3mrad NA Φ6.3×12.7mm
LDM-0520-C-0050-00-99-000-B 520nm 50mW NA 0.6mrad NA Φ6.3×27.5mm
LDM-0520-C-0050-00-99-006-A 520nm 50mW NA 0.3mrad NA Φ6.3×27.5mm
LDM-0520-C-0050-00-99-007-A 520nm 50mW <±5% 0.5mrad NA Φ6.3×12.7mm
LDM-0635-C-0005-00-99-000-C 635nm 4.4mW NA 0.45mrad NA Φ4.1×8.8mm
LDM-0635-C-0005-01-99-000-A 635nm 4.2mW NA 0.45mrad NA Φ4.1×8.8mm
LDM-0655-C-0005-00-99-000-A 655nm 4.2mW NA NA 13.2mm@10m Φ4.1×8.8mm
LDM-0830-C-0001-00-99-000-A 830nm 0.6mW <±5% 0.5mrad 7mm@10m Φ7.8×10.0mm
LDM-0850-C-0001-00-99-000-C 850nm 0.6mW <±5% 0.5mrad 7mm@10m Φ6.0×11.4mm
LDM-0850-C-0001-56-99-006-A 850nm 0.6mW NA 0.3mrad NA Φ6.3×12.7mm
LDM-0850-C-0005-00-99-010-A 850nm 5.0mW NA 0.5mrad NA Φ6.3×11.4mm
LDM-0850-C-0035-00-99-016-A 850nm 35mW NA 0.5mrad N/A Φ6.3×9mm
LDM-0850-C-0050-56-99-006-A 850nm 50mW NA 0.3mrad NA Φ6.3×12.7mm
LDM-0850-C-0050-00-99-006-A 850nm 50mW NA 0.3mrad NA Φ6.3×27.5mm
LDM-0880-C-0035-00-99-000-A 880nm 35mW NA 0.6mrad NA Φ6.3×27.5mm

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