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II-VI Suwtech high-sensitive photon detector (HPD) is an alternative to traditional photomultiplier tube (PMT) used in biological, chemical and physical sciences. HPD is based on the technology of integrated array of avalanche photodiode (APD), concentrating the character of high sensitivity, high reliability, compact size, low operation voltage and user-friendly interface. Compared with traditional PMT, HPD has the same exceptional performance: ultrahigh gain up to 106 at only 30V compared to 1000V for PMT, extremely low dark current around 10nA at room temperature and very wide response spectrum that covers ultraviolet through infrared light (350nm to 900nm). The HPD’s core part is butterfly-packaged, which guarantees the high stability and reliability for HPD. Furthermore, HPD is insensitive to external magnetic field and immune to accidental damage by ambient light. In a word, these exceptional features make HPD one of the best candidates for photon detectors used in flow cytometry, DNA sequencing, fluorescence detection, biological sensors, analytical instrumentation and even high energy or particle physics.

II-VI Suwtech has an outstanding R&D team for HPD, and customer-specified HPD requirements are welcomed

Part No.  Effective Active Area Spectral Bandwidth Peak Wavelength(λP) Photon Detection Efficiency Gain Dimension
HPD-B-VIS-009-00-A 9mm² 350-900nm 560nm 30% 1.5 x 10^6 30mm*36mm*65mm
HPD-T-VIS-001-00-A 9mm² 350-900nm 560nm 30% 3 x 10^5 30mm*22.1mm*65mm


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