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GDL Laser

GDL Laser is one kind of mini 532nm lasers with internal photodiode to realize close power control loop. The laser is specially designed for OEM applications, which require compact size and high reliability performance. Introduced into market since 2003, the GDL laser family has been improved with varied characteristic to meet the diversified requirements of different applications.

Part No. Output Power Power Stability Operating Temp. RMS Noise Linear Polarization
Standard GDL
GDL-6005 5mW <±5% 20°C~3°C NA Optional
GDL-6005HN 5mW <±5% 40°C~55°C NA Optional
GDL-7010 10mW <±5% 20°C~3°C NA Optional
GDL-7020 20mW <±5% 20°C~3°C NA Optional
GDL-7050 50mW <±5% 20°C~3°C NA Optional
GDL-7050A 50mW <±5% 20°C~3°C NA Optional
Low Noise GDL
GDL-6005L 5mW <±2% 20°C~35°C <0.5% >100:1
GDL-7020L 20mW <±2% 20°C~35°C <0.5% >100:1
GDL-7050L 50mW <±2% 20°C~35°C <0.5% >100:1
Wide Temperature Operating GDL-A Series
GDL-A004* 4mW <±5% 0°C~45°C NA NA
GDL-A004 4mW <±5% 0°C~45°C NA NA
GDL-A020* 20mW <±5% 0°C~45°C NA NA
GDL-A020 20mW <±5% 0°C~45°C NA NA
GDL-A-0050-WTA 50mW <±5% 5°C~45°C NA NA
Wide Temperature Operating GDL-8000 Series
GDL-8100 100mW <±5% 5°C~45°C NA NA
GDL-8100 Grade A 100mW <±5% 5°C~45°C NA NA
GDL-8-0150-WTA 150mW <±5% 5°C~45°C NA NA
GDL-8200 200mW <±5% 5°C~45°C NA NA
GDL-8200D 200mW <±5% 5°C~45°C NA NA
GDL-M-0200-WT 200mW <±5% 5°C~45°C NA NA
GDL-8-0200-WTA 200mW <±5% 5°C~45°C NA NA
GDL-8-0200-WTB 200mW <±5% 5°C~4°C NA NA
GDL-8300 300mW <±5% 10°C~45°C NA NA
GDL-8-0300-WTA-00-A 300mW <±5% 5°C~45°C NA NA
GDL-8-0300-WTC 300mW <±5% 20°C~45°C NA NA
Wide Temperature Operating GDL-S Series
GDL-S-0400-WTS-00 400mW <±25% -20°C~45°C NA NA
GDL-S-0400-WTS-01 400mW <±25% -20°C~45°C NA NA
GDL-S-0500-WTS-00 500mW <±25% -20°C~45°C NA NA
GDL-8-0400-WT 400mW <±25% 10°C~4°C NA >50:1
GDL-8-0500-WT 500mW <±25% 10°C~4°C NA >50:1


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