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Green Diode Laser Module


II-VI Suwtech green laser module is a wide temperature operating laser module without TEC. Its operating temperature range can reach wider than 40 degrees C. Outdoor applications, such as laser surveying, aiming, and laser alignment, can benefit from this outstanding feature. Internal photodiode is included to stabilize output power. Compact design and low power consumption are also the advantages for OEM customers.

Customized green laser modules are also available per specific requirements.

Part No.  Output Power Power Stability Operating Temp. RMS Noise  Beam Divergence Dimensions
Wide Temperature Operating GDLM-A Series
GDLM-A004R4D2IP 4mW <±5% 0℃~45℃ NA 1mrad Φ12×35mm
GDLM-A004R2D9IP 4.5mW <±5% 5℃~45℃ NA 0.7mrad Φ12.1×46.1mm
GDLM-A004R3D9IP 4.5mW <±5% 0℃~45℃ NA 0.7mrad Φ12.0×44.5mm
GDLM-A020 20mW <±5% 0℃~45℃ NA 1.2mrad Φ12×35mm
GDLM-A-0020-WTA-16 20mW <±10% 0℃~45℃ NA 0.5mrad Φ11.9×30.0mm
Wide Temperature Operating GDLM-MA Series
GDLM-MA-0003-WTA-07-00-A 3mW <±5% 0℃~45℃ NA 2mrad Φ6.3×21.3mm
GDLM-MA-0004-WTB-07-00-B 4mW <±5% 10℃~45℃ NA 2mrad Φ6.3×21.3mm
GDLM-MA-0005-WTA-07-00-A 5mW <±5% 0℃~45℃ NA 2mrad Φ6.3×21.3mm
GDLM-MA-0005-WTA-10-00-A 5mW <±5% 0℃~45℃ NA 1.5mrad Φ6.3×27.5mm
GDLM-MA-0005-WTB-06-00-B 5mW <±5% 10℃~45℃ NA 1.7mrad Φ6.3×19.5mm
GDLM-MA-0030-WTA-07-00-A 30mW <±5% 5℃~45℃ NA 2mrad Φ6.3×21.3mm
GDLM-MA-0050-WTA-07-00-A 50mW <±5% 5℃~45℃ NA 2mrad Φ6.3×21.3mm
GDLM-MA-0050-WTA-10-00-A 50mW <±5% 5℃~45℃ NA 1.5mrad Φ6.3×27.5mm

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