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Fiber Coupled Red Laser


II-VI Suwtech fiber pigtailed laser family includes Pigtailed Laser Products and Dual-Color Fiber Combiner. Both of the two kinds products have multi-wavelength choices covering the spectra band from blue to IR, which including 405nm, 440nm, 515nm, 520nm, 532nm, 635nm, 660nm, 785nm, 808nm, 1064nm, and other customized wavelengths. Varied options of fibers (Single-mode, PM and Multi-mode) and customized fiber output collimators are available.
Featured with high reliability performance under laser wielding technology and low cost design, II-VI Suwtech Fiber Pigtailed Lasers are ideal solutions of bringing flexibility and convenience to industrial opto-electronic system design and maintenance by replacing traditional free-space lasers and color combiners without additional cost burden.  

The Fiber Pigtailed Laser Family covers a wide range of applications in Laser Aiming, Biomedical Instrumentation, and Raman Spectrometer, Digital Printing and other measurement systems.

Part No.  Output Power Fiber Coupling Efficiency(Typ.) Wavelength(Typ.) Mode Quality Fiber Type Laser Head Dimensions
Polarization-Maintained Fiber Coupled Red Laser Diode 
FRPM-639-01 1mW 40% 639nm <1.1 4.5/125μm PM Fiber Φ8×28.35mm
FRPM-642-20 20mW 50% 642nm <1.1 4.5/125μm PM Fiber Φ8×28.35mm
FRPM-638-30 30mW 50% 638nm <1.1 4.5/125μm PM Fiber Φ8×28.35mm
FRPM-660-30 30mW 50% 660nm <1.1 4.5/125μm PM Fiber Φ8×28.35mm
Single-mode Fiber Coupled Red Laser Diode
FRSM-639-01 1mW 50% 639nm <1.1 4.0/125μm SM Fiber Φ8×28.35mm
FRSM-642-20 20mW 50% 642nm <1.1 4.0/125μm SM Fiber Φ8×28.35mm
FRSM-638-30 30mW 50% 638nm <1.1 4.0/125μm SM Fiber Φ8×28.35mm
FRSM-660-30 30mW 50% 660nm <1.1 4.0/125μm SM Fiber Φ8×28.35mm


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