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DPSS Green Laser


DPGL-2000 series and DPGL-2000F series are temperature stabilized DPSS green laser. DPGL-2000F series has auto-power control function for better power stability. Solid state design provides advantages of easy operation and free maintenance.

Part No.  Output Power Package Size Power Stability Wavelength  Linear Polarization
DPGL-2000 Series
DPGL-2050 50mW 46(H)*60(W)*146(L)mm <±5% 532nm Optional 
DPGL-2100 100mW 46(H)*60(W)*146(L)mm <±5% 532nm Optional 
DPGL-2150 150mW 46(H)*60(W)*146(L)mm <±5% 532nm Optional 
DPGL-2200 200mW 46(H)*60(W)*146(L)mm <±5% 532nm Optional 
DPGL-2000F Series
DPGL-2050F 50mW 46(H)*60(W)*146(L)mm <±3% 532nm Optional 
DPGL-2100F 100mW 46(H)*60(W)*146(L)mm <±3% 532nm Optional 
DPGL-2150F 150mW 46(H)*60(W)*146(L)mm <±3% 532nm Optional 
DPGL-3000 Series
DPGL-3005 5mW Φ20x77 mm <±7.5% 532nm Optional 
DPGL-3010 10mW Φ20x77 mm <±7.5% 532nm Optional 
DPGL-3020 20mW Φ20x77 mm <±7.5% 532nm Optional 
DPGL-3050 50mW Φ20x77 mm <±7.5% 532nm Optional 
DPGL-3000F Series
DPGL-3005F 5mW Φ20x80 mm <±5% 532nm Optional 
DPGL-3010F 10mW Φ20x80 mm <±5% 532nm Optional 
DPGL-3020F 20mW Φ20x80 mm <±5% 532nm Optional 
DPGL-3050F 50mW Φ20x80 mm <±5% 532nm Optional 


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