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Raman Spectroscopy


II-VI SUWTech’s RLAS-785 is a laser diode assembly that integrates the specification of narrow bandwidth, wide operation-temperature and high power. A unique technology is applied in this type of laser to lock the wanted wavelength, which guarantees not only ultra-narrow bandwidth (<0.1 nm) but also high side-mode-suppression ratio (SMSR) (typically 40 dB). The wide operation-temperature is realized by using a thermal-electric coupler (TEC) to control the temperature of laser diode, making RLAS-785 run well through -20°C to 50°C. Furthermore, these technologies help to achieve high stability (RMS<0.4%) and reliability of power and wavelength in long term, as well as long expected lifetime (MTTF>30000 hours). Products of three configurations, free beam, fiber coupled and module, are all available, promising its wide application in Raman spectroscopy, biomedical equipment and bio-sensor.

II-VI SUWTech has an outstanding R&D team for DPSS laser, and customer-specified laser requirements are welcomed.

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