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Founded in 1997, now a subsidiary of II-VI Incorporated, a US public company traded on the NASDAQ under the stock symbol II-VI, II-VI Suwtech Inc, is one of the world's leading supplier of lasers and laser-based solutions for commercial and industrial customers in the most demanding markets.
Over 200 employees work at II-VI Suwtech at two different locations. The facility in Shanghai plays the roles of Administration, R&D, Sales & Marketing and Customer Service, and the other facility located in Fuzhou went into operation in the early of 2006 as production base. Under II-VI Suwtech, Inc., our business is divided into two divisions, Green Laser Division and High Power Laser divisions.
Green Laser division offers compact, highly reliable green laser, free space and fiber pigtailed laser diode modules, narrow line-width laser and Q-switched laser in compact packaging, along with application-orientated optics and electronics. We design, manufacture and market lasers and related accessories for diverse applications including life sciences and medical, materials processing and industrial applications, laser surveying and mapping, machine vision, and others.
High Power Laser Division offers Single Emitter Pump lasers in 8XX and 9XX wavelength range, inherited product from II-VI Laser Enterprise (Previous Oclaro), the products are widely used for fiber laser, DPSS and medical applications.
II-VI Suwtech is also responsible for the sales activities for all II-VI Laser Enterprise products sold in China. For more information of II-VI Laser Enterprise, please visit: http://www.laserenterprise.com/




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